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    AQ vs ISIS - A Testimony to save/preserve Blood of the Mujahideen in Sham

    A Testimony to save/preserve Blood of the Mujahideen in Sham

    Testimony of Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri in regards to ISIS

    This translation was provided by Markaz al-Sham: (literatim)

    1. I had decided to suffice with the words I testified with in regards to the Fitnah between the Mujahideen in Sham/Syria.
    2. This until I heard the appeal from the brother, Abu Karim (Hani al-Siba’i) so I decided after consultation and Istikhara to return to this subject.
    3. Especially in regards to the questions he posed in his talk on the 25th of Jamadi al-Awal (March), Year 1435 through al-Maqrizi Radio.
    4. I have returned to this subject for two reasons. The first reason is what the dear brother reminded of that it might extinguish the Fitnah.
    5. And another reason was due to a request of another brother. I will divide this talk into a testimony + order + appeal + advice.
    6. As for the testimony, it’s about ISI and it’s leader, the Venerable Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi May Allah preserve him and their connection to AQ.
    7. This is my testimony which I swear onto God with that the Islamic State of Iraq was a branch of the al-Qaeda organisation and details:
    8. A] When ISI was announced, the leadership of AQC under Shaykh Osama was not asked for permission, consulted, or even made aware of it!
    9. Abu Hamza al-Muhajir sent a letter to the central leadership justifying the creation of a state and that its allegiance was to AQC.
    10. And that the brothers in their Shura took on oath on Abu Omar al-Baghdadi that his leader is OBL and that ISI is part of AQ.
    11. And the brothers decided to work like this but not announce it publicly due to certain political aspects as they saw it.
    12. B] The brothers in the leadership of AQ and ISI used to work on the basis that ISI was a part of AQC and some of the examples on that:
    13. = The message found in Abottobad (SOCOM-2012-0000011 Orig) and this message was from Atiyah to Mustafa Abul-Yazid.
    14. In it Shaykh Attiyah mentions that they have to send firm guidelines to al-Karoumi (and he means Abu Hamza al-Muhajir) for fear of falling into political mistakes.
    15. = When Abu Bakr took over control of ISI, Shaykh Attiyah sent a letter to ISI leadership in Jamadi al-Awal, 1431 saying:
    16. We suggest the brothers in the leadership that they appoint a temporary leader until consultation is over.
    17. It’s best to stall appointing a new leader until you send us the proposed names, with their biographies and qualifications
    18. We will send this to Usamah bin Laden.
    19. C] Usamah sent a letter to Attiyah in Rajab, 1431 saying:
    20: “We would like if you could provide us sufficient information about brother Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his second in command -
    21. Abu Sulayman Nasr liDin Allah and it’s better if you ask about them from several sources from the brothers that you trust there.
    22. So that the situation becomes clearer to us.” And this is also another document found in Usamah’s house [SOCOM-2012-0000019 Orig]
    23. D] Attiyah replied in a letter from Sha’ban, year 1431. Saying: “We will request the information and get a clearer picture.”
    24. E] Attiyah sent a letter to the Media Ministry of ISI in Shawal, 1431 saying:
    25. “The Shaykhs are requesting a biography on the new leaders, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, his second in command and his Minister of War.
    26. And if you wish leaders other than them, and you can tell the leaders about this and they can write it themselves if they want it.”
    27. F] a Shura member of ISIS replied in in Dhil-Qi’dah, the year 1431 saying:
    28. “Dear brother, your message has arrived as well as another message with guidelines from the Shaykhs –
    29. About the State here and stalling a new leader, but we received it after announcing the new leadership.
    30. And we always took care of letting the Shaykhs know about the reality of the situation here.
    31. We are letting you know O our Shaykhs and WULAAT AL-AMR that YOUR STATE in iRaq is fine and firm.
    32. Our esteemed Shaykhs, after the killing of the two SHaykhs (Abu Omar and Abu Hamza) the Majlis Shura tried delaying appointing a new leader.
    33. Until an ORDER FROM YOU would come after securing communication, but we could not wait any longer for several reasons.
    34. Main reason being us being watched by the enemies from the inside and outside.
    35. The brothers here and Abu Bakr and the Majlis Shura have no problem that this leadership (Abu Bakrs) is TEMPORARY.
    36. And if anyone is sent from you, and you find that it will ensure the Maslaha for him to take over the leadership.
    37. Then we have no problem with that and we will be HIS SOLDIERS, and this is agreed upon by Abu Bakr and the Majlis Shura.
    38. G] After the death of Usamah bin Laden, the venerable Shaykh Abu Bakr said:
    39. “I am sure that the Martyrdom of the Shaykh will not increase us except in steadfastness and I say to the brothers in AQ.
    40. And at their front, SHaykh Ayman, and the his brothers in the leadership of AQ, May Allah reward you…
    41. And march forward and glad tidings for YOU HAVE LOYAL MEN in ISI, who will not quite or soften.
    42. H] After this a communication representative in ISI sent a letter to Attiyah in Jamadi al-Thaniyah, Year 1432. Saying:
    43. “Our Shaykh would like to ensure you that the situation here is getting better, Alhamdulillah.
    44. And he asks what’s more appropriate in your eyes with the announcement of the new leader of the AQ organisation.
    46. And we would like you to know that the brothers here are arrows in your quiver.
    47. I] After I took command after OBL, Shaykh Abu Bakr refered to me as his Amir even in the last letter, in Jamadi Awal, year 1434.
    48. Which he started with: “To OUR LEADER and esteemed Shaykh.”
    49. And he also said:
    50. “News just reached to me that Jawlani made Bayah to you directly, and this is something he was planning..
    51. to fortify himself and those who are with him from the consequences of the calamities he did.
    52. And I and those with me in Sham see that our SHAYKHS in Khorasan should have a clear position…
    53. To stop this conspiracy before blood streams and we become a reason for another grieve for our Nation.
    54. And we see that any support to what this traitor has done or even hinting support will cause greate Fitnah.
    55. And will waste the project for which Muslims shed blood and delaying the right position…
    56. …will lead to the splitting of ranks of the Muslims and will lower the status of the JAMAA’AH/GROUP.
    57. Which will have no cure except THE SPILLING OF MORE BLOOD.”
    58. J] Like wise Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani sent a letter, in Jamadi al-Awal, year 1434.
    59. Which was a Pardon to God, then to the Nation, then to HIS LEADERS “Shaykh Dr. Ayman Zawahiri and THEN to Shaykh Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”
    60. K] Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent a letter in Ramadan, 1434 to one of the officials of al-Qaeda stating:
    61. “We have studied the message of Shaykh Zawahiri in three stages: *Consultation with leaders of ISIS in Sham.
    62. *Consultation with leaders of governates of Syria who are members of our Majlis Shura there.
    63. *Studying the message from a Shar’i perspective in our Sharia Commitee.
    64. So we decided to stay after it was clear that OBEYING OUR LEADER would be disobeying God and destruction for our Mujahidin.
    65. Especially the Muhajireen, so we sought the pleasure of our Lord over the pleasure of THE LEADER..
    66. And it’s not said he who DISOBEYS A COMMAND OF A LEADER in which he sees destruction for the Mujahideen…
    67. or a sin to God that he has forsaken good manners.”
    68. I will suffice with these examples.

    69. As for the question about the nature of my verdict in this issue, was it an order from a commander to his leaders?
    70. Or was it a verdict from a Judge, which I clarified in details in a letter to the brothers in the State in Shawal 28, year 1434.
    71. In which I confirmed that this verdict was from a leader about a problem between his soldiers and not a verdict from a judge.
    72. And another question which is asked, why did al-Qaeda praise ISI and be satisfied with it but not with ISIS?
    73 The answer, that even though the leadership was not aware of their descision, we decided to accept if for several reasons such as:
    74. A] That the State was not established on grounds of Fitnah in which they threatened that they fear spilling of blood if we supported Nusra.
    75. B] That ISI was established by a Shura of Mujahideen and tribes of Ahl al-Sunnah as was told to us by Abu Hamzaal-Muhajir.
    76. And he is someone we trust due to having known him for a long time, and that he tried his best to contact other groups to join them.
    77. As for ISIS they only consulted themselves and this while Nusra says they were not consulted!
    78. C] Announcing a State was againt the orders of the leadership of al-Qaeda who ordered to hide AQ presence in Syria.
    79. Rather the guidelines of the group is to not announce Emirates/States in this stage.
    78. Which was explained in detail by Shaykh Usamah in a letter to Shaykh Attiyah which was found with him. SOCOM-2012-0000019 Orig
    79. And Abu Yahya reminded the brothers in the State and I reminded them again in a letter to Abu Bakr in Jamadi, year 1435.
    80. In it I said: “If you had asked our opinion before announcing the state, we would not have agreed…
    81. We and our brothers here see that the announcement will bring more damage than good…
    82. As the elements of a State are until now, not available in Syria.”
    83. D] The announcement of the state caused a political crises for the people of Sham.
    84. When America put Nusra in a terror list the people of Syria came out in demonstrations in support of Nusra.
    85. But then they started to denounce this announcement which the leaders of ISIS gave to Assad on a golden plate.
    86. And this announcement provoked the other Jihadi groups who felt that ISIS was trying to impose themselves on them.
    87. E] The announcement caused a sharp split within the same group which led to infighting…
    88. And Abu Bakr himself threatened that any support towards Nusra or delaying what he sees to be the “Right position”.
    89. “Will lead to a stream of blood.” Which indeed has happened.
    90. F] And blood is still being spilt and if ISIS accepted the decision to end the problem.
    91. Which sought to stop bloodshed of Mujahideen and avoiding the Fitnah, and to focus on Iraq…
    92. Which needs a lot more of their efforts if they accepted this and had Shura…
    93. And had Sam’ & Ta’ah (obedience) to their leader and did not rebel on their leadership..
    94. Then I think they would have avoided this blood stream and would have caused havoc against the Rafidhi regime.
    95. And would have supported Ahl al-Sunnah in Iraq ten times more, and Alhamdulillah in any case.
    96. This was my Testimony which I will now follow with an order and an appeal.
    97. As for the order, it is for Shaykh al-Fatih al-Jawlani and his brothers in Nusra.
    98. And the appeal is for all the Mujahiden in Sham that they stop immediately with fighting in which..
    99. ..there is aggression against the souls of their brothers and all Muslims and they focus on the Bathist Nusayris and Rawafidh.
    100. I also request that everyone stops accusing each other and name calling each other and that everyone accepts an independent court for the issues that happened between them.
    101. And causing Fitnah between the Mujahideen in the media and social media (Twitter) and that they are keys for good and closers of evil.
    102. And I will end with a reminder and advice.
    103. This is for ALL the Mujahideen in Sham, that you stop shedding of Haram Muslim blood.
    104. Enough with the killing of leaders of Jihad and their shaykhs.
    105. For ALL of your blood is dear to us and we hoped it would be shed in support of Islam.
    106. And a reminder and advice for the venerable Shaykh Abu Bakr and who ever is with him.
    107. Come back to the Sam’ wa Ta’ah (hearing & obedience) to your leaders.
    108. Come back to what your Shaykhs and leaders worked for and preceded you in it.
    109. Focus on Iraq, who needs more effort, empty yourself for it even if you see yourselves as wronged!
    110. To stop this massacre and to focus on the enemies of Islam and the Sunnis in Iraq.
    111. Answer my call to stop the Muslim blood from flowing and unite the ranks of the Muslims against their enemy.
    112. And even if you consider it Dhulm (oppression). And a reminder and advice specially for Shaykh Abu Bakr al-aghdadi.
    113. Follow the footsteps of your ancestor al-Hassan who waivered his right to the Khilaafah to safe Muslim blood.
    114. In which the Bushra came to fruit of the his grandfather and your grandfather the Prophet peace be upon him said:
    115. “My son is a Sayyid who Allah might use to make peace between two great groups of Muslims.”
    116. Is this glad tidings not enough?? Does it not make you happy to make a decision which Allah will raise you higher in Dunya and Akhirah?
    117. And you will repel the enemies of Islam in iraq who need more help, and you will extinguish the Fitnah and return love and brotherhood.
    118. Put your faith in god and make this decision and you will find all of the Mujahideen and their supporters a source of help for you.
    119. O venerable Shaykh, follow your ancestor and be the best successor for the best predecessor and you will win in Dunya and Akhira (hereafter).


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